Wall Options

Vermont Fieldstone - Locally produced, with natural earth tones. Rugged appearance for a formal or rustic look. A staple of Vermont's retaining and free-standing walls.

Adirondack Granite – is a blend of different textured granite with a wide color range of rustic earth tones.  These include rust, pink, gray, beige, antique white, cranberry, brown, and have quarts and bits of garnet.  Adirondack Granite is a beautiful choice for both formal and more relaxed settings. This product is from Adirondack Natural Stone in Whitehall, NY.

Corinthian Granite - Quarried from Champlain Stone, Ltd., just across the lake in New York state. This medium to course grain granite provides an elegant display of color range, with a primarily blue presentation. Streaks of white, green, pink, brown and black create tonality and interest. This stone is used most often in formal environments.

American Granite - Mostly blue, medium to course grain granite, has a natural weathered brown and earth tone presentation. Hand split surfaces yield rich blues with white, pink and green streaking that speaks of an aged granite look.

Southbay Quartzite - Mostly tan in color with highlights of antique white, blue, amber and brown create a rugged formality and grace for rustic or formal walls. This sandstone quartzite is heavily textured, yet smooth profiled, and can create warmth or coolness depending on the setting. It lends itself to limitless color combinations.