Charlotte Residence Stone Installation

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This residential project has been underway for the past few months.  Our stone crew has painstakingly been building stone walls, installing large stone slab staircases and are now laying an irregular bluestone patio with a built in fire pit.  To create our beautiful irregular patios our stone masons place each stone and mark them, pick the stone up and cut it, place the stones back where they go, in some cases re-cut them, then place them back where they go, and then pick them up again to level them.   The process pays off with incredible results, it’s just tedious work.  These stone walls are a custom mix of granites and fieldstone and will have lights built right into them.  Large boulders were cut to fit into the walls and in turn give them a unique feel all their own.  The capstones are bluestone and have our masons hand chamfered the sides. The craftsmanship of these walls is truly breathtaking.  This phase of the project is almost complete and our installation crew will be starting the bed prep in the next week or so.

Charlotte Swimming Pond Installation

Friday, August 10, 2012

The pond liner was set in place the day before and now the daunting task of ‘rocking in’ the pond has begun.  The liner material is sensitive to sunlight and will eventually breakdown over the years if it is exposed.  As a result, the guys have spent the past two days meticulously covering the entire pond liner with stone. Each small boulder is hand placed to ensure a perfect fit.  The amount of patients and effort by our crew is incredible and the result is always beautiful! The waterfall which adds to the natural feel of pond was created with large stone shelves and a bog for natural filtration is also being constructed.  All of our water features use natural filtration processes and no chemicals.  We create a simulated bog which the water is pumped into and cleaned naturally though various levels of sand, stone and wetland plants.

Charlotte Swimming Pond Installation

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The crew started this morning by spraying out the general shape of the large swimming pond they were going to be installing at a residence in Charlotte.  They were worried about hitting ledge as the excavation began, but were lucky enough not to have any issues.   Throughout the digging process grades and elevations were continuously checked. Once the initial excavation was completed more of the crew showed up to help.  They worked diligently to carve shelves out of the soil by hand.  These shelves allow us to create depth to the pond.  The crew then spread and placed the thick rubber pond liner.  It was an incredible transformation in just one day!

Jeffersonville Residence

Monday, July 30, 2012

The clients requested to have their new concrete walkway stamped with a natural stone pattern.  We usually sub this work out, but two of our stone masons took this opportunity to learn the valuable process of concrete stamping.  They based and formed the walkway on Thursday.  Friday afternoon Harrison Readi-Mix Corp. delivered the concrete and the guys filled the form and smoothed the concrete, to prepare for stamping.  Shortly after this was completed a representative from H.A. Harris arrived on site.  He showed the guys and one of our designers the stamping process step by step and described what would need to be done the next day to seal the walkway.  He also offered tips on how to add color to the existing walkway, so that it would blend with the new one.  The crew will be returning there today, to finish up the planting and lawn installation.

Jericho Residence

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

As phase two of this Jericho residential project, the crew has been installing a retaining wall made of large stone slabs.  They place and level individual stones to make sure that each piece is interconnected and that the entire wall looks cohesive.  This is a functional and ascetically pleasing alternative to the traditional boulder walls that you see throughout the Vermont landscape. Wildflowers will be planted along the top of the wall to help stabilize the soil and also provide seasonal color through the summer months and into the fall.

Jeffersonville Residence

Friday, July 20, 2012

A portion of our crew has been working diligently through this week’s heat at a residential property in Jeffersonville.  They have been working hard on installing a paver patio, sitting wall and staircase.  They are using Unilock products that were acquired from Trowel Trades Supply Company in Colchester.  The mixture of light and dark gray pavers have given this patio a very unique look and feel.  Plantings to surround the hardscape were added this afternoon and a stamped concrete walkway will be poured next week.

Slope Side Stowe Residence

Thursday, July 19, 2012

One of our installation crews spent the day slope side in Stowe planting some very large Maples. Our Project Manager personally selected these trees from Horsford Gardens & Nursery.  They are truly beautiful trees!  Here are a few photos of the guys picking up the trees, as well as planting them.  We have been working off and on at this Stowe residential property for almost a year now.  You can see the spa that we installed for them in the Projects portion of our website.

March 8, 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Crew is installing a large swimming pond in Charlotte. No chemicals will be used to maintain this pond, so they are constructing a bog which will be planted with wetland plants and aid in the natural filtration of the water.


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