Monday, December 7, 2015
Pond Aeration, Landscape Ponds, Landscape Design, Landscaping

This Customer Contacted Landshapes when he started noticing his trophy brown trout start to die off.  The Pond is about 180' Long X 40' Wide X 14' Deep which is plenty large and deep enough to harbor large trout. The one thing we notice on our initial visit  is that the Pond did not have any moving water in it. Moving water in a pond is essential to keeping the water oxygenated for aquatic life. This not only includes the trophy trout but frogs, salamanders, and insects as well. We installed an AirPro aeration system with...

Thursday, April 30, 2015
Retaining Wall, Granite Retaining Wall, Granite Veneer, Granite retaining Wall, Retaining Wall

This project was designed by ORW Landscape Architects out of White River Junction Vermont. The Landscaping being done at this building is at the Williams Translational Research Building At Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. The Wall Stone being used by our Landscape Masons is a Granite quarried right here in Chester VT. The attention to detail our Landscape Masons have is beyond what most would even comprehend. Just about every Wall Stone is meticulously cut by hand for the perfect fit....

Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Retaining Wall, Retaining Wall, Manufactured Block Retaining Wall, Retaining Wall Around Pool

This Landshapes customer had a 10 foot wide hedge of arborvitae which grew right to the edge of his pool. Over the years his overgrown landscape had eaten up valuable realestate around his pool. Landshapes removed the 10 foot wide hedge to try to reclaim some of that valuable realestate around the pool. We then installed a retaining wall as far out as we could to retain the soil and create a flat usable space around the Pool

Tuesday, April 7, 2015
Vermont Landscape Construction, Vermont Landscape Construction, Vermont Landscape Construction

Landshapes' Installation Crews have started this Landscape Project in Burlington Vermont today. These client's wanted to maximize their outdoor space around their existing pool and create screening from neighbors. Landshapes' Landscape Designers created a Landscape Design that extends the usable lawn area by removing a large cedar hedge,  constructing a Retaining Wall, and installing a level Lawn area. Landshapes Vermont Designer helped these clients throughout the permitting process making sure that all the new construction will conform to Burlington, Vermont's zoning and building...

Tuesday, March 31, 2015
Landscape Clean Up, Landscape Cleanups, Cleaning Up Landscape, Landscaping

There's no stopping it know, spring is on its way. The snow is starting to melt, you can start to see the grass, the temperatures are creeping above freezing, and our crews are out doing spring clean ups. These photos are taken at the University Of Vermont where our skilled Landscape Maintenance crews are cutting back hundreds of ornamental grasses and cleaning up beds in preparation for mulching.

Monday, March 30, 2015
Blue Stone, bluestone, Irregular Blue Stone, Stone Masons

Landshapes employees get a jump on the season. They are preparing Irregular Blue Stone Flagging for spring projects by taking off weak and or the thin edges of the Blue Stone making them more uniform in thickness. They then will champer all edges with a masonry hammer for a more natural look. This eliminates one step in the process at the job site making laying the Blue Stone Steppers much faster.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Soil Prep, Soil Preperation, Preparing Soil

Landshapes gets a jump on the season preparing thousands of yards of soils for the spring Landscape Planting Season. All of our soils are custom mixed at our facilities in Richmond Vermont. Carefully selected amounts of Silt, Sand, and Compost are incorporated and run through a screener to blend and mix the Planting Soils thoroughly. 

Monday, March 23, 2015
Slate Veneer Walls, Stone Veneer, Slate Sculpings Veneer, Veneer Slate Sculpings

Our Stone Masons are hard at work. They have built heavy duty tents around the project area and are heating them to work in this harsh weather we are having. The Stone Veneer being used is a Custom Cut Slate. It was quarried right here in the state of Vermont. 

Friday, March 20, 2015
Landscape Lighting, Lightscape Designs, Lightscaping, Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Light Up the night!! Enhance your outdoor living experience with a Lightscape Design. This not only enhances your landscape but it makes pathways and sidewalks safer to navigate at night. These Low Voltage LED Landscape Lights use almost no energy and the bulbs last for hundreds of thousands of hours. Increase the time you spend in your Outdoor Living Space without the use of high energy bulbs which attract mosquitos and other biting insects. Let Landshapes design an Outdoor Lighting System...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Landscape Lighting, Landscape Instalation, Landscape Design, Commercial Landscape, , Landscape Designers, Landscape Lighting, landscape design and installation, Landscape Design, Landscape , Commercial Landscaping

This Commercail Landscape Project was completed last summer at the new Vermont Public Health Lab In Colechester VT.  The Building and Landscaping were disigned by HDR Inc. They are a world renound architctural and engineering firm with offices all over world and have been in business or over 90 years. 


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